Dear Editors,

It is election time. Every 5 years, like most Singaporeans, I look forward to hearing speeches from the non-ruling parties. This period of time, I listen carefully to what they have to say because they only have 9 days of airtime and frankly, the PAP has been constantly blabbering the last 5 years.

Some of the things that the opposition shared are the same things that struck a chord with me. They want to limit the number of foreigners in Singapore. People with fake degrees, how dare they make us locals look like idiots in our own country! They want to make healthcare more affordable. They want to solve the bed-crunch. Like me, they cannot stand the sight of the elderly clearing our utensil at hawker centers and food courts.

I identify with many of the things they say. I think that this is true: ever since WP members entered the parliament, the PAP is working harder. I also realised that what the opposition members are very singleminded and focused on the well-being of the citizen. As a citizen, of course we can only benefit from this!

So this election, it seems that what we Singaporeans are prioritising our wellbeing. We deserve our tender loving care. We are tired of hearing that Singapore is a sound financial hub and the PAP led us here. It is already sound, can we just leave it as it is? Just maintain our economic status and have the MPs work for our wellbeing.

Yet, it is hard to disconnect the fact that apart from taking care of our wellbeing, MPs need to help represent the nation on a global front to attract MNCs and investors which in turn creates jobs for us. What I have heard many times during this campaigning period is that the members want to serve us. But is serving us at a citizen level enough? What about our country? If all the MPs are focused on serving us, who will take care of the country? Now we rejoice because our currency is strong and for 1 Singapore dollar, we get 3.03 ringgit. But if we one day find that our dollar has less value against the ringgit, pound or USD, our holidays would be expensive, would we be happy?

So I think the media is wrong. I think the real question for this election is, Are we willing to give up our financial stability for a caring Singapore?

Sir Think-a-lot
A.S.S. Contributor

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