What’s When Wrong? Hi, I belongs to the Pioneer Generation Singaporean, and I likes to share my thoughts with you guys from the first General Election until now.

The current crop of PAP members are not the same as those during LKY era in many aspects. Yes the world have changed there are more uncertainties out there but … let consider these, we have more resources / our finance reserve are more stable and healthy, Singaporean are more educated, technology are more advance all these added a plus for us to tackle all these problems as compared to our pioneer of Leaders.

This present group of Leaders even with such a high overpaid salaries and a vast resources in the support system in their Ministries still can make a mess of everything and yet try to persuade and mislead us towards Hell..

SG50, all the achievements rightfully goes to the Pioneer Generation and their Leaderships and now the present group of Leaders continued talking about it and still claiming all the credits.

As we celebrated SG50 we looked back and saw and experienced all the problem we are encountering especially during last 4 years they, already demonstrated to us how incapable they are by introducing all these policies to tackle all these problems they have created in the beginning and get Backfired … like what Mr. Inderjit Singh had mentioned in a speech on the post assessment of the 2011 elections .. ( Pls look it up on YouTube ) all the information and data used to formulate all the recent last 4 years policies was actually from their Grassroots so called Leaders and Civil Services and not from us. They should able to sense all the unhappiness we have been talking in the Hawker Center / Wet Market Places and Coffee Shop if they spend more time on the ground.

They the PAP still don’t trust or care to listen to us the common Singaporean and yet still preferred to listen to their unreliable sources.

(This may be one of the many reasons why this very outspoken MP Mr. Inderjit Singh step out of this year election ) He is a Businessman he rather safe guard himself rather than goes against the PAP’S Whip system when voting to pass a BILL in Parliament , he rather sacrifice and forego his MP status and the fat allowance and step out of the 2015 election as a candidate for Ang Mo Kio GRC anchored by PM himself.

I salute you Mr. Singh for your principle. In future, I hope he can come back and stand in as an Opposition candidate. I recalled he spoke out many times when the Bill was handed into Parliament for Debate.

Eventually and unfortunately, with our present Parliament system after the Wayang Show , all these policies are pushed through in a haste manner. ( Like the SG50 Dollars Note Package even … our president name been spelled wrongly on the Folder)

Mr Lui, the Transport Minister resigned because he was put in as a “Sacrifice Lamb ” to clean up the dirty mess created by the previous Leaders and Minister for a poor forward looking planning the MRT lines during the Planning and Construction stages.

Why don’t they in the initial stage design a 3 tracks Rail system ( One center track to be used as a standby track as a contingency plan.)

I recalled in the 70’s, Nicholl Highway next to Stadium used to have 3 distinct lanes. The center lane will be used daily during Peak hours in the morning and evening whereby they switched the flow in direction from the City to East. No doubt the Cars population were low and yet that was our only so called Highway we have .. well thought, cheap, practical and workable and able to solve the problems without addition cost past onto the public.

( Now we have COE, ERP, Weekend Car , High Road taxes …lah ,,etc )

Now you can compared after spending so much Taxpayers $$$$ by the Government building so many Highways and Expressways (Loss Count how many there are !!!) we still encountered congestion problem lots of unhappiness, even our Ancestor cannot RIP, Bukit Brown cemetery have to give way, not sure they know what they are doing ???

In the near future all our Bus Transport System will be tender out and operated by foreigner … Do you know the London Buses are operated by our own NTUC Comfort Delgro … What a Joke

So where we go from here ???

I lived here all my life and sang 3 version of the National Anthem

God Save The Queen / Negara Ku and Majulah Singapura.

Vote wisely give the opposition parties a chance, those candidate are also Singaporean with families and friends I strongly believed they will do their best. Remember there is always another election every 4-5 years if they did’nt perform up our expectations we can always look for alternatives.

Singapore can never and will never be a Greece.. Trust me

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