Dear Editors,

You know orh, usually we Singaporeans look like not clever during election time, but I tell you: we sibeh clever, only the goverment thinks we not interested.

The PAP party con us for so many years already. I tell you: must stop bluffing ourselves. I write liddat only because I want to remind you that PAP always pretend they are better than other asian countries, because they maintain ‘english education’ in singapore. What a joke. When I went overseas for the first time, no angmoh understand my english. Okay, the westerners understand a bit here and there, but I still bloody embarassed, because my accent and pronounsiation sound like sai!

The PAP always group people into rankings: stupid people (the PAP gowmen say we are stupid, not that we are really stupid), average people, and elite people. These PAP arrogant jerks believe in EVOLUTION. So they believe that some people deserve to be thrown aside, based on ‘stupidity’. PAP thinks that some people are superior stuff and other people are inferior ITE or poly stuff.

They PAP elites are the greatest con of history. People’s Action Party is devil’s party.

This party belongs to the anti-god mentality. Atheist. Those ‘socialist’ ‘democrat’ abortion people: ya lah, PAP loh! WHERE GOT A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY? PAP is a liar! You put people in woodbridge or into jail just because they have their own party and use their voice and head to think outside the box. PAP! You are exactly like those americans who aborte babies, bully blacks, then walk around very happily because you believe there is no god in this world.

You keep all the money to yourself and make ordinary singaporeans work like ox and donkeys, then you file us into pigeon holes at night, but your HDB blocks are cheap skate and use third class materials. Then you do what, you drive BMW and live in bungalows and fly overseas like you are the king of the world.

Oi! This time, the people of singapore are the real king. On the voting day, I will not choose PAP. If enough Singaporeans avoid PAP, then Singapore will have a new future. Remember, I write in so kiamchai english to purposely show that we Singapore have not become as modern as PAP claim. PAP does not love the people and always reserve the best resources for themselves. When is singapore education going to improve to even the canadian standard? How come PAP teach English in a kiamchai way for 50 years? People of Singapore, reject the elites! If you have a choice, you must make a proper choice.

J. C. T. Y.
A.S.S. Contributor

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