I recently went for an interview for a job. I am a licenced employment agent. In the end they rejected me for some unknown reasons. To my surprise, I searched at the MOM website and this is what I found out.

Attached are 2 screenshots

The company that I wanted to joined have all PRC workers [even the boss is a PRC]

a] How can a company has so much PRC workers? Not even 1 Singaporean – where in the world did they get all the PRC quotas?

b] They are bias towards middle aged Singaporeans. I dont even see one. Its really extreme.

c] From my understanding and experience – in order to get these workers to work for them. they must Singaporeans CPF holders. [Phantom workers?]

d] I saw many of their staff there arent in the photos work there. its like a mini China. If they have Sporeans working there, I thought MOM policies, all workers need to be registered as EAs? what happened?

e] They brought in 500++ PRC staff to SG over the last 3 years

f] Our govt has betrayed us, a company that hires all PRC staff to bring all PRC people

g] almost 300 are E and S Pass holders, being an experienced agent i challenged MOM to check the real amount of salary and the qualifications

h] 100% their salary and their clients salary is underdeclared

i] i know they collect high agency fees as well

this is what singapore has become. the govt only knows how to punish locals. our govt is a joke. policies that failed to protect us.

imagine that. i m not going to let this issue to be UNNOTICED. I WILL CC TO THE PM IF I HAVE TO

SG Govt Has Failed Us
A.S.S. Contributor

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