I wrote this article to because I am starting to feel more and more like a 2nd grade citizen of my home country and I hope to create awareness in our foreign policy through my own experience. I worked in a company where Singaporean is the minority and one of the main reasons we are hired is based on the quota needed to bring in more “Foreign Talent”. However, this is not the main issue. Years ago, I came to know that a PRC colleague of mine, with strong China Chinese accent, always praising about the delicacies in China and always thinking about buying a flat in Singapore has actually been granted Singapore citizen. It took me by surprise, many questions then came to my head.

And so I decided to find out more… The subject’s spouse, also a PRC working in Singapore as a PR. Together they own a car and have a few kids. I also came to know that not all their kids are citizen; they are a mixture of PR and SC. To add on they have also applied for their HDB (Prime district) and are successful in their application.

I guess many fellow Singaporeans now have many questions concerning our country’s foreigner policy especially days before you cast your election vote. Why is the couple allowed to maintain their status as a PR and SC? Is it fair for true blood Singaporean? Because by doing so, they will always have 2 choices, 2 places to live. These choices can mean a lot, both in good as well as bad times.

To strike a simple example, when economy is bad in Singapore they can simply pack and return to their hometown, vice versa. Worst of all, they are able to withdraw all of their CPF balance and return home. And when time is good they are able to invest in 2 nations. It is also because of their dual citizenship status that they are presented with more opportunities than average Singaporean and tend to be financially more comfortable. The reason I said that they are financially more comfortable because I have noticed that they are travelling a lot as a family, parents and kids included. Destination includes South East Asia and as well as Australia. At the same time, I am only able to plan for a family vacation to Indonesia.

This is an incredible advantage in the workplace! Why do I say so? I will again quote my personal experience as an example. As a Singaporean, I am given a salary package of less than 3k despite my overseas degree and work experience of 4 years. With this income, when will I clear my study loan, when will I be able to save enough for a flat? How can I provide a comfortable life for my kids if I decide to have one? Based on this amount, I will need to work for around 3 years just to have enough in my CPF to pay for a 300k BTO flat’s down payment. Aware of the situation I am in now, I am always proactively looking out and trying ways to generate more income. I will not say that this is all negative, because I am able to learn new stuff and become more resilient. However, this often involves me working till midnight or even later. This is
somehow resulting in a less productive me during my full time job. Doesn’t this make it more difficult to outperform these PRCs? Why are we subjected to these disadvantages of our own homeland?

This is our nation, built by our forefather and parents. Our elders have setthe foundation on the right course, contributed into the CPF, paid their income tax and send their sons to the national service for 2/2.5 years only to build a strong and a nation we can be proud of and loyal to. I believe our fellow Singaporeans are always ready to compete and strive for success and willing to work hard for a better live. Many of us also understand that it is crucial to have foreigners in our society to boost our workforce and competitiveness. But I am deeply saddened by the unfair advantage given to the foreigners.

What is the foreign employment actually targeting? The subject mentioned is definitely no extraordinary talent. As observed, subject is at most a mid-tier professional doing most of the jobs that can be done easily by most Singaporean. Based on the numerous Universities we have, this is an area where Singapore has more than enough to supply. What we are lacking are the lower and top tier workers! We need cleaners, construction workers, drivers, etc… We also need, like other countries, talents! They are people that can boost our economy and increase our professional standard. But why are we holding on to the mid-tier foreigners and even offering them a citizenship? Should they even be offered a job in Singapore, let alone granting them a prime HDB apartment? We have thousands of true blood Singaporean bidding and hoping to stay in a prime district but were always unsuccessful with their applications. Shouldn’t we be given the privilege first? Is it right to grant dual citizenships in a household where they can bail out in time of crisis.

Why the PRCs are so easily granted to a citizenship? Could it be that the Government is trying to reduce the number of foreigners in this country by converting them into Singaporean? So they are able to present unhappy Singaporeans with the nice documented numbers. I think the question we need to ask next is where did the foreigners go to? Are they really out of Singapore?

This issue has definitely diluted my patriotic spirit for Singapore, it makes me question myself. What am I standing for? I am always ready to sacrifice for my country but will my sacrifices be for my home, my Singapore and my fellow Singaporeans or will they just benefit the PRCs to PRCs turned Singaporean?

Lastly, I plead for the right to feel like a true blood Singaporean again. I hope whoever voted into the parliament can address this and correct this issue.

True blood Singaporean

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