After 50 years of independence, Singapore is doing pretty well. Thanks in part to a good PAP government that is able to do the right thing at the right time most of the times.

With a highly educated populace, it is inevitable the clamour for greater say in governance to propel Singapore forward for the next 50 years grow in intensity with each subsequent elections.

Instead of harping on subjects like foreign labour/manpower crunch, foreign talents, housing woes, transport hitches, escalating living costs, stagnating wages, unresponsive/unfeeling MPs, all candidates & citizenry must pitch-in & look for meaningful solutions. No use shouting our voice hoarse & pull-out hairs.

What I like to see a future Singapore is a country that dare to do the decent things for all Singaporeans whatever their leanings. Strong public institutions with the Chief Justice, head of CPIB, Chief of Armed Forces, Police commissioner, Central bank governor, Chairman of CPF, etc under jurisdiction of Parliament. These appointees will have the moral authority to stand up against their political master of the day if they dare try do something stupid like raiding the national reserves or run-away with the CPF monies. All elected MPs must put their heads together & come up with something deserving of the trust of their constituents that propel them to Parliament.

An MP’s first loyalty is to their constituents. Their duty is to help them solve their problems if any. For that, Singapore pay their MP decently. If the MP is talented & scouted for Ministerial post, this is a secondary duty to country. And it is right the member be paid for that job.
Nonetheless the Minister must continue to take care of his constituents as his primary duty! Failing which he/she will be dropped @ the next husting! Nowadays voters look at the candidates. The party behind the candidate is not all that important anymore.

Frankly I do not know who is the MP for my constituency. This state of affair must change!

Regarding issue of citizenship I would prefer this be governed strictly by birth-right! Deserving foreign talents can be issued “PRs” and their children can be granted citizenship if they complete “NS”. Stop issuing dependency pass.

Singaporeans are crying against influx of foreign workers not because they do not realise Singapore’s need for such help. They just want the government to put in place safeguards to ensure that jobs paying between $1,500.00 to $3,000.00 and $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 are reserved exclusively for Singaporeans! Outside these bands, we really need all the foreigners we can get.

What follows is my private viewpoint. In the last 100 years, the best thing that can happen to Singapore is LKY. In the next 100 years, what will it be?

Opposition in parliament? Strong public institutions that can ride out lousy politicians?

Concerned Singaporean Citizen

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