An angry reader has sent us this email to complain about being denied a subsidy for his chronic illness medicine by the Ministry of Health! Read his letter here:

Attention to Health Minister Gan Kim Yong:

I come from a low income family and has been holding the CHAS Orange Health Assist Card since July 2014.

According to the official MOH website, it stated very clearly the following that:

All Singaporeans currently enjoy 50% off subsidised medications at subsidised SOCs, while children and elderly benefit from a 75% subsidy at polyclinics’
general clinics. This initiative will extend the medication subsidy at subsidised SOCs and polyclinics to 75% for both Blue and Orange Health Assist cardholders. On top of that, Pioneers will be entitled to an additional 50% off the remaining cost for subsidised medications. All other subsidised Singaporean patients can still enjoy the current drug subsidies. The drug subsidies for Singaporeans and Pioneer Generation will be applicable to subsidised medication prescribed at both subsidised SOCs and polyclinics. This refers to medications listed under the Standard Drug List (SDL) or the Medication Assistance Fund (MAF), which have been assessed to be cost-effective and essential for treatment.

These information are extracted from the following official website:

Supposingly according to the information provided in MOH website and the CHAS website, I should be able to get 75% subsidy for my chronic illness mediation. however, I was unable to get any subsidy for one of the drug by the name of Atorvastatin. This drug cost me about $90 over for about 6months supply of medication and between 1 Jan 2015 to 31 Mar 2015, I was made to pay the full amount with subsidy for it despite the information stated in MOH website that I will be entitled to it. Staffs from CHAS hotline kept pushing the blame and said that it is because the Standard Drug List only included the medication in April 2015. So does this justify for the lies which the MOH has falsefully inform to the general public?

Basically, I was being kicked around like a soccer ball when I made enquiries on the said subsidy when approaching CHAS hotline executive and the MOH staffs. Isn’t it just simply easier to just come and admit the fact that the MOH actually forgotten to update the Standard Drug List from 1 Jan 2015 to include the medication for the subsidy claim? Do I deserved not to get the subsidy simply because MOH has forgotten to update the Standard Drug List for the promised Enhanced Medication Subsidy on 1 Jan 2015?

Cheated & Poor Needy Patient(Singapore Singaporean)

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