These few days I have seen many election posters being defaced by childish individuals, who might think that if they draw on a candidates’ face or make fun of their names they would lose them a few votes and hopefully cause them to lose the election. Such immature behavior is happening on both sides of the divide, with opposition supporters defacing many People’s Action Party (PAP) posters and PAP supporters responding in kind.

This needs to stop right now.

Singapore is a country for ALL of us. We may not always agree on the way to go forward. Some might think having zero foreigner growth is good, others might feel that a complete halt would paralyze the economy. Both are not wrong, but the question is how do we reach a suitable compromise? Do we try and force the other party to swallow our views and demoralize them by drawing on their election posters? Is that truly the way to bring peace, prosperity and progress for our nation?

Always remember that this is our home and that fellow Singaporeans, regardless of blue, orange, yellow, or white political banner, are your countrymen. If we cannot even come together to discuss our future, I think we as a country and people are doomed.

A.S.S. Contributor

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