PAP just supported the 1st New Citizen GE2015 Candidate for Bukit Batok SMC – a first in Singapore if we did not consider PRC-affiliated Sun Xueling in Punggol Pasir Ris GRC under PAP.

Samir Salim Neji an independent, new Singapore Citizen from India is standing for Bukit Batok SMC against PAP incumbent and the SDP challenger.

Originally disqualified by the electoral officers as he lacked the required assentors, he managed to get into the election at the last minute with help from PAP’s generous foreigner integration team.

Not sure whether this is for the interest of Bukit Batok residents or for PAP to dilute the votes, especially after the mother of all pests outbreak incident at neglected Bukit Batok Hills where a huge rats infestation became a national concern.

New citizen Samir’s objective in this election is also not clear as he has a newly created pink IC and only received citizenship recently, so he probably has strong ties to India. Is he going to be the role model for future new citizens and other foreign talents to form their own political party to represent the different India Indians, Pinos and PRCs and more?

Was the interest of Bukit Batok residents, who just suffered and recovered from a rats nightmare, in any way a factor in the PAP integration committee’s support for Samir?

Definitely with this, more foreign talents and new citizens will take up politics and even form their own parties to represent their foreign interests.

Majulah New Citizens!

Patriotic Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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