A member of the public sent the photo below to The Online Citizen (TOC) apparently showing the candidate for Nee Soon GRC, Lee Bee Wah, on stage at what is said to be a getai, the nightly event to commemorate the Seventh Month Festival.

TOC understands that the incident took place on Friday evening.

The opposition Workers’ Party, which is contesting the constituency in the elections, had also been conducting its rally at the Yishun Stadium on Friday evening as well.

Ms Lee was the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area before the dissolution of Parliament for the ongoing elections.

It is unclear if Ms Lee, who wore an all-white attire, was invited to the event, or whether she had spoken or made a speech at the getai.

On 14 August, the Singapore Police issued a statement to remind political parties to keep getai and the elections separate.

“Election campaigning activities and Seventh Month Festival events should be kept separate,” the police statement said.

The police said Seventh Month Festival event organisers “should ensure that no speeches intended to canvass support for election candidates and/or political parties are delivered (at) Seventh Month Festival events”.

It is, however, unclear if election candidates are allowed to participate in getai activities.

The festival ends on 12 September.

The police warning in August was issued on the first day of the month-long Hungry Ghost or Seventh Month Festival.

It came after media reports that several getai organisers had been “approached by political parties that want to organise events with them to take advantage of the massive crowds that these outdoor stage performances attract”, according to local news reports.

UPDATE: Since the publication of the above report, TOC has received the following note from a member of the public, who wishes to remain anonymous:

“Dear TOC, I will like to share with you something important. Just now when I was walking back home to the khatib mrt, I happened to came across a GETAI performance which is just next to the basketball court area opposite Khatib mrt. Oh of curiosity I went to the GETAI to watch. In the midst of the performance, I saw the mc of the GETAI introducing the arrival of a person whom he identified as the PAP Candidate for Ngee Soon GRC. The person is Mdm Lee Bee Wah.

“The Mc continue with his speech and asked the audience to support her and vote for her in the coming election.

“While the mc was talking, Mdm Lee started to go from row to row and start shaking the hands of the attendees of the GETAI.

“The whole process lasted for close to 20 mins. I understand from the police advisory is that it is against the election law to solicited for votes through the avenue of the GETAI.”

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