Dear Editors,

There has been a number of independent candidates for this election. The reaction to these candidates have been mostly ridicule. IB-controlled websites have been making fun of them, and even supposed neutral sociopolitical websites have been mocking them.

While many people see their attempts as pitiful and futile, I see another meaning behind their actions. These people, who are willing to risk their 14.5k deposit, they are not fools, nor are they attention-seekers.

These independent candidates are just ordinary people, who are tired of being marginalized, and decided to step up and do something about it. If anything, that effort alone is worthy of support. We should recognize their efforts, and give them our support, even if we know that they are not likely to be elected.

The messages seem clear to me:

We do not want the PAP to have a complete monopoly over the government. We want checks and balances. We do not want more foreigners in our country. NO MEANS NO!

We must stop funding free scholarships for foreign students! NO MEANS NO! We do not want our CPF to be pushed back!

We want transparency and accountability!

NO MEANS NO! It does not mean yes, it does not mean maybe, it does not mean let’s think about it! NO MEANS NO!!

SG Keyboardwarrior
A.S.S. Contributor

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