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Independent candidate for Radin Mas SMC Han Hui Hui may have flouted election rules with her posters, banners, and flyers, as they do not have the printer’s name on them.

4.4.2. “Published- by” requirement for election advertising not on Internet:

For all election advertising that is published in print form, the name of the printer, publisher and the person at whose direction or for whom the election advertising is published must appear on the face of the printed document if it is a single sided document; or on the first or last page of the printed document if the document has more than one side.

The following acts constitute corrupt practices under the Parliamentary Elections Act :during the period beginning from the day the writ of election is issued for an election and ending on the eve of Polling Day at the election, publish any election advertising (in print, Internet or otherwise) which does not bear the names of its printer or its publisher and the person for whom the election advertising is published.

This is reminiscent of the time NSP member Steve Chia lodged a report against presidential candidate Tony Tan for not having the name of his printer on his posters and banners. NSP member Steve Chia lodged a report for that incident. Candidate Tan Kin Lian also did not comply with that rule, but it went unreported.

Finn Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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