A reader recently sent us this Facebook post by Mr Daniel Anil Das, who produced shocking evidence that foreigners are now allowed to be real restate or property agents in Singapore. He has produced a letter from the Council For Estate Agencies informing him that as long as foreigners fulfill its criteria, they will be allowed to register as estate agents!
Hello my dear RES friends, and fellow citizens
It was brought to my attention about foreigners being RES(real estate salesperson)..I didn't believe that so I wrote in to CEA, which had a prompt response.
We as RES, have already been fighting for every dollar, and now we have to share this with foreigners?Apparently, this is also in the financial planning sector as my question is, are these two industries really in need of foreigners? or is it because these foreigners "add value" to the foreigners coming in? These have been taken care of by the PR why EP? Can any of my learned friends explain this policy?
My vote is hanging on the balance now..Sidd and Ms.Q, here is your evidence..

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