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As written in this article, welders, forklift operators and panel fitters earn between $1100-2500/mth. Are you telling me that given such “high” salaries, especially with the current job market for S’poreans, that S’poreans are unwilling to be trained to take up jobs for these positions? $2500 is the starting salary of an Engineering university graduate (ten years ago and still now)! Poly graduates earn less. PMETs may also have to work overtime and long hours (ok, in the air-con and not under the hot sun). Student-care teachers earn $1500/mth. Child-care teachers earn $2500 or less per month. These are teachers who work with students. (Of course the wages are suppressed due to foreign labour).

We are always saying that in developed countries, their locals work at such jobs (e.g plumbers) with decent salaries. In S’pore, we are always told that we have to hire foreign construction workers because locals do not want to work at such jobs. Is it true, or is it that they like to work with their own people? Or is it that employers like to hire foreign workers because they are easy to manipulate? The government is closing an eye to this?

If you remember, last time when the import of foreign workers is still not so prevalent, we accept foreigners accordingly…e.g. malaysians…ang mohs expats…ang moh tourists (and we are friendly to them)..China PMETs..Indian construction workers…etc. Now, because there are sooo many foreigners in S’pore, we just lump them all up together!

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