Just came back from Dr Chee’s intellectual and philosophical speech at Bt Panjang! He was an amazing speaker, and although the crowd of mostly uncles and aunties did not really understand him, the young people in the crowd were obviously very impressed by him.. I was one of those who rushed to his booth to get his autograph and shake his hand. The man is a living legend in Singapore politics today.

His team member, Paul Tambiyah’s speech was good, as his comments on SG’s healthcare system was succinct and credible since he is a top professional in healthcare. He has to work more on his voice and diction though as he came across as a highly educated intellectual who cannot connect with the crowd.

Back to Chee, you will find Dr Chee’s speech great and inspiring if:
(1) you know the backdrop to Dr Chee’s entire political career
(2) you have a degree or above and some financial knowledge
(3) your aspirations in life are noble and goes beyond the mundane goals accumulating wealth and power

Some Singaporeans still want to hear the “If you vote for me, I will provide you with lift upgrading ” type of speech. I for one thoroughly enjoyed his speech on how a man should strive to live a meaningful life based on beliefs in ideals that will make him spiritually (not the religious type of spiritualism ) rich and not living a cowardly life where the very essence of one’s soul can be sold for the sake of monetary profits.

Sadly the audience are not a gathering of Singapore’s brightest and his speech may not resonate with them.

He has to learn to appeal to the intellectuals as well your everyday auntie and uncle.

All the best to DR Chee next Friday.

A.S.S. Contributor

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