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So wayang…own self direct, own self act…This elderly got awarded the Singapore Kindness Movement yesterday. News report here:

This photo was taken on a weekday (Monday) during non-peak hour by a reporter who happened to be in the train. During non-peak hours, trains are not fully occupied so there is no need to give up seats. Also, the construction worker said he is taking the train to his workplace which is a construction site. Which construction worker travels on a train during non-peak hours (none, becoz they are all working)? Which construction worker takes mrt train to work (instead of chartered lorries)?

Noted that the construction worker said “…made me feel like an equal…” What an irony, we Singaporeans are feeling 2nd class in our own home country! The elderly said they come here to work, so this is how we can take care of them. We Singaporeans (past, present, future generations) also work in our own home country. Remind the government to take care of us, too!

Ok, I agree maybe we should be kinder to foreigners. I am not inciting hate, just trying to pin-point out the facts. In fact, some recent news such as the 3 foreign Indian construction workers who returned the wallet with $1000 note…is it also a wayang, staged act?! But I agree the government may be doing this to quell the anger on the side of the foreign workers.

Discerning Singapore Citizen

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