A PAP dog and that is what I had been called for decades.

I’m a regular joe with no political power. I do not appear on TV or draw
high salary but I have a heart to serve. I’m called a dog simply because I
wear the PAP badge.

I ever helped a jobless father to get a job and received financial help for
his family but was still called a dog when the wage was not up to his

I ever helped to set up free student care centre for needy families. It
helped these children to stay out of the street and have a place to study
after school. I got volunteers to provide free tuition. I was still called a
dog when a kid decided to join street corner gangs.

I ever help organized career fairs. It helped many residents who were looking
for jobs but was called a dog for some didn’t manage to get their dream

I ever helped organized local tours for senior citizen. It made them happy
for many had not visited the latest Singapore attraction. After the event, I
was called a dog because some of their children thought we were trying to
“buy-in” votes.
I ever helped to organized pasar-malam in order to add vibrant to the estate.
Many happy families enjoyed the event but I was called a dog when the
stall-holders felt the rental was too high.

I ever helped to set up eldercare centers so that our seniors do not have to
travel far for basic medical help. I was called a dog by some residents who
do not like the center to be near their house.

All I ever did was help people and hope to make people happy. I do not draw
any salary and would even take leave from my day job at times to help. I’m
just a regular volunteer but under the PAP flag. It is not for any political
reason but simply because PAP has the logistic and financial means to help
more people.

Many people had called me a dog, the same people whom I had helped. It is sad
but true.

I spend a significant time helping people. For that, I think sometimes my own
wife may also think I am a PAP dog because I do not have enough time for her
but for everyone else.

I maybe a dog but one who helped many human.

Maybe Simpleton
A.S.S. Contributor

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