Dear editor,

Foreign talent, 6.9 million population, immigrants to make up work force and
tax payer base. Foreigners to create jobs for Singaporeans. Foreigners can
help Singaporeans.

Does all these sound familiar? It makes one wonder why the PAP keeps on
managing Singaporeans like economic digits. Well, it’s the model that the PAP
government has adopted to keep SG growing, which is now at the expense of
Singaporean due to foreigners.

First, attract foreign companies to invest in SG and hence, create jobs. In
the early 70s and 80s, this model is ok because we have almost nothing except
people waiting for jobs. Over the years, the PAP ask more foreign companies
to come and create jobs but running low in human resource. To keep these
companies happy, the only way is to import people (or FT).

With more people but insufficient infrastructure such as housing & transport,
the people gets sky rocket housing prices and MRT breakdowns.

Going back one step, what’s wrong here? Simple. The PAP government has wasted
the last 20 to 30 years in repeating the jobs creation model and fail to
build something owned by Singapore.

Swiss make good watches, HK is well known for financial services. South Korea
has Samsung. How about Singapore?

Check out the brand value of Samsung electronics in 2014. US$61 billion. Hey
what about our Singtel, SIA, DBS? Alright, put the top 10 SG brands
together…. US$28 billion.

For younger readers out there, South Korea was 1 of the Asia four dragons in
1980s, just like SG. In 1980s, samsung was making tv by themselves while
Singaporeans worked in Sony TV factories.

Fast forward today, we do not big global assets that can safe guard us
through economic turbulence. The Koreans do. They have samsung, Hyundai,
k-pop & cosmetic surgery. They started together with Singapore. Through 30
years of hard work, they created something in the world platform.

On the other hand, Singapore have nothing significant in the world. If you
value Singapore’s future and if you would like our next generation to have
better life stability, STOP PAP now. Stop them on this economic model of
adding head counts and not truly developing something of our own.

Singaporean children future depends on your vote.

Anonymous Concerned Singaporean

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