Kudos to LHL for such a successful campaign strategy!! His strategy? Just bang on TWO things – a dead ah gong and AHPETC!!

We have shown utmost respect to ah gong and the old guards because they were great problem solvers!! Unfortunately, that ability is not coded in the PAP’s DNA and the new leaders have not acquired a single strain!! In fact, not only are they no longer great in solving problems, they are the ones who have created the problems in the first place!!

1. Poor planning for infrastructure!!
Mr Tan Jee Say of the Sing First Party has said as a result of the casino, 100,000 migrant workers were admitted to Singapore EVERY YEAR!! From 2006 to 2013, our population increased by more than 1.2 million!! Yet, our infrastructure has not catch up at all!! Less than a thousand hospital beds were added!! This has forced us to wait for 6 to 8 hours even just to receive treatment in the A&E departments!! What about our MRT system that we were once so proud of?? We are now travelling like packed sardines in a can!! Not only that it is no longer reliable, it frequently breaks down too!!

As if planning for more than 5 million was not challenging enough, the PAP now wants to plan for 6.9 million!! The PAP may think that commoners are stupid and easy to fool. What about the recent session that Sim Ann had with the NUS undergraduates? Didn’t all of them burst into laughter when she said PAP can properly plan for this growth?!?!

2. A dead meritocracy!!
World-renowed “The Economist” magazine ranks Singapore FIFTH on the crony-capitalism index, even ahead of Indonesia and China!!! I mean just look at MP Lee Bee Hwa. What the hell is her company bidding for projects in her ward?! I do not care what the end result is BUT that should not have happened in the first place!! If you want to represent the people in your constituency, there should NEVER exist any conflict of interests!!

Next, at the children that are in elite schools nowadays. Thirty years ago, you still can find kids with parents who are taxi-drivers, hawkers , etc. Now, more than 75% of these parents have a combined household income of more than $15,000!! How is this possible?! Because pre-school education has not been standardized!! That’s why by the time my BOSS’ daughter entered Pri 1, she can solve complex puzzles within a few mins while other children are having difficulty memorizing simple multiplication tables!! Such is the huge headstart given to the children of these rich parents, the poor now will have ZERO chance of catching up!!

3. Every school is a good school is all but a myth!!
Look at the resources given to the elite schools. They receive more funds from the government. The class size for the children there is around 20 while the neighborhood schools number is almost double the figure!! Recently, a business owner was sentenced to jail for falsifying his address so that his child can go to a good school. Yet, that jail sentence has now changed to a $5k fine. So, if all schools are as good, why do you need to change your address to get into one?!?! A $5k fine is peanuts for this parent!! The jail sentence should have been uphold if the government is truly sincere to make every school a good school!!

In addition, look at the supposed $1 billion tuition industry!! If every school is a good school, why should parents be wasting so much money on private tuition?! The truth is a lot of teachers are leaving MOE to start their own tuition centres!! This huge departure from MOE is most alarming, yet the Minister for Education has not done anything here!!

4. Ticking time bomb that can explode ANY TIME
Remember the strike by PRC bus drivers?! Remember the Little India riot?! The government says it wants to maintain a one-third foreign worker population! That is ridiculous!! What is the SAF’s fighting doctrine? When we fight, it is always 3:1. If you are attacking a position held by one platoon you send in THREE. If the entire area is defended by one battalion, you send in a whole brigade!!

If we want to keep the foreign population in check, they should form ONLY one-quarter instead of one-third of our population!! If not, how will you cope if ALL the foreigners finally rise up against their slave-driving employers!! You think they won’t? Look at their atrocious living conditions they are in!! Look at the long hours that they have to work without OT payment!! They are just like the old Hebrew slaves waiting for a “deliverer” like Moses!! One day, they will revolt, Singaporeans will die and there is nothing we can do about it!!

5. Town council management is an absolute political tool!!
AHPETC is a problem created by PAP in the first place!! Town council management should have never been passed on to the MPs in the first place. If all town councils are back to be managed by the HDB, then ALL residents can enjoy economies of scale. In the first place, how do you expect people to work if you take away the software that was developed by taxpayers’ money from Day 1?!

I have been following closely on the things that have been said by the PAP big guns. Let’s start with our dearest LHL who called the WP a mouse in the Parliament. I only have one question for ah Loong, is it TRUE that each and every one of the MP from the Workers Party spoke more than Raymond Lim?!?! Remember Raymond Lim was an ex-cabinet minister you know!! So, who is the real mouse here?!

What that irritated me the most was the crap that came out of Vivian’s mouth. He said the plans from the opposition parties will put us on the road to Greece!! It is ironical that someone like him who overspent on YOG by more than $300 million has the audacity to say this!! The $300 million that he squandered could have provided meals for 20,000 poor families for a whole year!! If we were heading towards Greece’s way, it would have been Vivian who made the first step forward!!

Why do your children sit for exam every year? Or for that matter, why does your boss appraise you every year? The reason for testing or judging you is because we need to arrest any decline before it spirals out of control!! Just look at the Najib case. He must have been “stealing” money away all this while and was never caught. That gave him the courage now to one shot take in more than US$700 million!!

So, now that it is time to judge the PAP, what have hey got to show for the last five years?? Absolutely nothing!! This is the reason why their whole election campaign is centred only on TWO themes!! The truth be said, the PAP has been declining for the last ten years. The signs this time round have been more ominous. Pictures of their lightning sign being hanged upside down have gone viral!

You let foreigners take away Singaporeans jobs not understanding the value that Singaporeans can truly bring to the job. These foreigners can’t even tell which is the right side up for the lightning sign!! Isn’t this poetic justice?! There are even lightning signs that were hanged below the “STOP” sign. OK, ok, I got it – we need to stop the lightning party!! Your wish is my command!!

For the sake of your children and/or grandchildren, let’s get SDP, Sing First and more WP members into the Parliament!! Only with a more than 1/3 parliament can the opposition effectively stop PAP from RULING us anymore!! The role of any government is to take care of its people NOT to tell its people what to do!! Only DICTATORS tell people what to do!!

Prof MC
A.S.S. Contributor

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