Hi, sorry for my poor English.. Hopefully you understand what happen in my job in Singapore turf club as a jockey.

To be frank, I have support and vote PAP all the time. But end up Singapore turf club took away my horse racing licence due to not enough race ride or wins. I have been in horse racing for many years. FT took away our jobs and given lots of good horses to race and we local riders didn’t have much opportunity. You can take a look on the race card most of the horses are ridden by FT..

STC keep bringing in FT to race in SG. They came here and earn good moneys took away our rides and we locals suffer.. When ever they FT did somethings wrong in the race, but they always get over from it just only given simple punishment or warning. If we local did it. we got suspended or even took away our licence and left us jobless.

Yes I agree FT create more jobs for us because we don’t have much local trainer.. most of the trainers are from other country. But these trainers make use of us locals to work sh*t job for them and given all the good horses to their own FT jockeys to race.. and we gets the lousy horse. End up these trainers or STC said we locals and not good.. and bring in more FT to complete with us..

STC is from government end up they support FT. Below are the currently race premiership. You can see how many FT jockey out there and their number of rides compare to local.

Sorry for my poor English. Out of sudden my mind got blank and didn’t know what to said as this is the first time I wrote a complain letter.

Helpless Singaporean Jockey

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