Hai.. I receive white envelope plain with just a stamp in my letter box. There is my name and my brother name on it. I was wondering from whom was it? And i was shocked when i open it? Guess what? Its a manefesto pamphlet from the PAP asked to vote for them? And i was wondering if our voting is confidential?

I admit i vote for PAP last election but can it be this way to send their pamphlet to resident? It just like for me what i feel is they are so desperate? Now the main question is ‘HOW ON EARTH DO THEY KNOW OUR NAMES IN OUR FAMILY’?

So what i can see is that election department has connection with PAP? Giving them out our particular? So after all voting is not private and confidential? What if we dont vote for PAP? Are they gonna treat us like 3rd class citizenship? “Profit Are Professionalism” all about money to them.

Hope singaporean will realise who to vote for. How can singaporean to afford on buying Car and house for the low income n middle income? So expensive. No vote for me..

Concerned Singaporean Voter

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