Next GE I’m gonna be running! When I rule, I promise:

– National minimum wage of $10,000 per month, for everyone! Why stop at $1,250? Cleaning aunties very poor thing, let’s change their lives!

– No such thing as COE. Free car for everyone with a license. Surely driving is a birth right.

– My Government will consist of people who are somehow very smart but also at the same time willing to dedicate their lives to building Singapore with a meagre salary of $3,000 a month. What do you mean if they so talented like they are doctors and lawyers why they don’t work for private sector instead of low paying govt job? Because love for country lah! And a lot of such passionate and super smart people exist! It doesn’t mean it will attract crazy power-hungry and corrupted people to the job. No such thing.

– Free houses for everyone! Not HDBs with their shrinking sizes please… Everyone can have nice landed houses or condos.

– No more foreigners! Existing ones will be sent to etiquette classes so as not to offend Singaporeans. They will not be allowed in the main island after 8pm and will reside in Pulau Hantu.

– MRT will never break down ever again! Yes! I can promise that! And fares will go back to 1998 pricing, never to increase!

– Medical care will be free for all! Everyone can go stay at the biggest suite at Mt E Novena when they sick, your government takes care of you.

– Everyone will be given a gold bar on their birthday.

– All schools will be elite schools, because our children deserve the best. Oh and free university education! Why must pay? Government should pay to educate citizens.
– No more NS!

Sounds good hor? If not enough money to fulfil any of these I will just tax the rich more or take from reserves. Why cannot? VOTE FOR ME!!

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