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I do not believe the arrogance which I have seen from the comments or actions from various FTs in Singapore over the past few years, the insults and humiliation on our people (Singaporeans) , although its considered as only a handful of them. I know many of us still reckon that most FTs are pretty reasonable and kind to us Singaporeans, which we see from online posts showing that foreign migrants have done good deeds to help our country and our citizens.

Nonetheless, let me share a situation of Singaporeans having mistresses with foreign nationals here in Singapore. I wonder what makes foreign nationals so keen in being with an older person in Singapore, even though the men obviously lack looks and maybe have deteriorating health conditions. Well, to my surprise they actually want to have the citizenship of Singapore. That makes me wonder why Singapore? We are living in a city where stress is inevitable, prices of almost everything is always rising. But the status of being a Singapore citizen, a first world country, is definitely one that surpass our neighbors, they want to root themselves in the safest city in the region and of course to leech on the economic wealth and potentials this country is able to provide. Not forgetting our status of being a “Singaporean” which one could be very proud of when we travel in the region.

What about the case of constant flow of students from foreign countries competing for spaces in our local universities as well as our private universities… Take a walk or drive down any campus in Singapore, identify the ratio of Singaporeans to foreign students. Our people lost a lot of opportunities despite being in this first world country, yeah right, meritocratic nation. The opportunity cost of allowing in more foreigners will be losing the soul of our nation.

I have recently encountered a post by foreign nationals (as attached in the picture), holding a Singapore pass ( I assume it’s student pass) arrogantly said: “Got our IC can now come and go to Singapore”. I do not think it’s appropriate for them to come in and out of our country as and when they like. They abuse our system, they use their student pass (or something else) to enter into Singapore. Find an opportunity to stay in Singapore, from some sources which I shall not announce that she’s a student from a private university and attached to a F&B store in a hotel which is not part of any the academy which allow attachments (OF COURSE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE GO UP LAH SO MANY OF THEM AROUND).

PS: I am a Singaporean man, standing up to problems in society to what I only think is right.

I Serve To Protect My Country People
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