ALL SINGAPOREAN PARENTS. PLEASE SPARE A MINUTE TO READ THIS. There is one very important n critical issue that has been totally neglected by all the parties running this current election. THE SAFETY OF OUR NSF – THESE BOYS ARE OUR SINGAPOREAN SONS. THE SONS OF SINGAPOREAN PARENTS.

It has been 3 over years since my late son’s death and I have actively been seeking closure but as of now, there hasn’t been any satisfactory response from MINDEF and I have no choice but is force to go through litigation to try and get an answer. Many of you might think or feel that I m bringing this matter up due to my own benefit.

I’m highlighting this is because I do not want any more parents to suffer the pain of losing a son. One life lost is one too many!!!! I do not want any more parents to be intimidated and have fear to speak up. Our current government promised us during every election that their MP will help their residents, it is nothing but blowing hot air. 说一套, 做一套.

They promised to take care and assist their residents. When I lost my son, my MP promised me n assist me to help me get a closure for my late son’s case but nothing was done except to bring up in parliament. The Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen, on 14 Nov 2014 stated in Parliament that the 2 Officers in questions had been found to be negligent; the said officers have now, in their affidavits dated 3 and 9 June 2015, denied that they were negligent. The conflicting statements suggest that one of the parties is not truthful.

My late son is lying cold in the grave, what about these 2 said officers? What kind of closure am I getting? We have recently wrote an email to our PM and cc the DPM n MOD again to highlight some of our concerns and once again we were ignored as we never received any response or even an acknowledgement from them. We need to ask ourself, do we still want such people that only speaks so loudly n made so many promises that were never fulfilled? Do we Singaporean Parents want to wait for something to happen n start crying? Why not we Singaporean Parents be more proactive and take the appropriate action to protect our Sons before it is too late. PLEASE VOTE WISELY!!!

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