I think one of the several concerns I have, is that should we continue to have a 1 party super majority parliament, or can we have a 2/3 majority government with 1/3 opposition (credible and capable opposition members of course) to offer check and balances.

In the past 14 years, we have seen that 2000 to 2011 was quite bad, the PAP did get quite a few things wrong, such as unchecked immigration policies leading to a surge in the population growth, insufficient infrastructure for both housing and transportation. As well as having majority of new jobs created going to foreigners (and PAP said it was ok, no need to worry about that).

In 2011, after the voting of WP into Aljunied, things have changed some what for the better. PAP is now claiming credit for these changes, which to be fair, is to their hard work. But also, we need to think, who caused these problems in the first place? Should the PAP be rewarded for rectifying the problems they have created? I think it is only fair to expect PAP to solve the problems they created, and they have done a relatively good job.

In future, do we want a PAP-dominated parliament which could lead us into the direction of 2000 to 2011, or do we want a balanced parliament, led by the PAP but with checks and balances, to lead us in the direction of 2011 to 2015? If something goes wrong – who will speak for the people? Should we trust the PAP to check itself?

That is a big question we have to ask ourselves when we plan for the future of Singapore.

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