Some opposition candidates really don’t deserve their vote just because you guys are anti pap. It is not right to vote oppo just because you guys unhappy with PAP.

Right thing to do is just void the vote.

Let me give you analogy.

You marry a girl because she is the one you love?

Or you marry a girl because you hate your ex?

Void vote? Assuming I don’t like the PAP candidate in my GRC, I don’t vote for him.

Should I then vote for the opposition? I should vote if I THINK he is good. It should not be a default choice just because I don’t like PAP.

If I’m in the situation, I would just cross both . That’s what I WOULD do.

Back to marriage analogy. Do you get married because no one else is right for you? Or do you get married because the person is the one for you?

Anyway, face it. You guys actually think that oppo supporter would vote for pap just because of some pro pap person asking them to do so? Likewise , you guys think a pro pap person will vote for oppo just because you guys ask them to do so? Everyone will vote who and how they like. Don’t kid yourselves

But resorting to personal attacks just because someone else is singing a different tune vs yours is not right. So stop personal attacking me. We can discuss the topic in a fair manner.. No prob.

A.S.S. Reader

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