A primary one student lying on the table looking listless.

Female teacher ask him “What’s wrong?”

Student said “Primary one stuff is too easy for me !!!”

Teacher decided to bring him to the principal.

The principle decided to give him some test. If he get one question wrong, he will continue to stay in primary one.

Both the teacher and student agreed.

Principle asked “3 x 3 = ???”

Student answered “9”

Principle asked “6 x 6 = ???”

Student answered “36”

The principle asked a lot of primary 3 question and the student managed to get all correct.

Principle told the teacher “He can go to primary 3”

Teacher said “Let me ask him some more questions”

Both the principle and student agreed.

Teacher asked “Female cow has 4, but only 2 on my body, you guess what is it?”

Principal stare at teacher’s boobs ……

Student answered “Legs”

Teacher asked “You have something inside your pants but not inside my dress, you guess what is it?”

Principal face turns red …..

But he heard the student answered “Pocket”

Principal relieved …..

Teacher asked “What object start with letter “C”, end with “T”, has a lot of hair on it, oval shape, has white liquid inside it?”

Principal opened his eyes wide and jerked his leg.

Student answered “Coconut”

Principal place his hands on his chest and showed sign of relieve …..

Teacher asked “What thing required other’s hand to assist, so that it can pierce inside another object.

When it pierce through, it will jerk and this is the stage when it is release itself!”

Principal face turns red again ….. = =”

Student answered “Arrow”

Teacher continued to ask “What thing is hard when it enters, and come out soft and sticky?”

Principal looks embarrass and wanted to stop the teacher to continue asking …..

Student answered “Chewing gum”

Principal slap his own forehead …..

Teacher continued to ask “There is something on my body, when it is itchy, I use my finger to dig it and I will feel shiok. Sometimes white liquid will flow out from it. What is it?”

Student answered “Nostril”

Principal keeps panting …..

Teacher asked “There is something I have that my husband or my finger can put inside. When I feel frustrated, I will use a my hand to hold against it. Use another finger to poke inside. In and out makes my feel excited. The most memorable is when I got married and I hope me and my husband can put put inside. You guess what is it?”

Principal keeps sweating …..

Student answered “Wedding ring”

Principal close his eyes, feel relieved, lean against the chair and wipe his sweat “I think you can go to Junior College as I couldn’t get any of the above questions correct. You are a genius !!!”

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