Listen, all of you PAP suck ups. You can keep talking about AHPETC all you like, but it does not matter.

AHPETC will be resolved with time. We can balance accounts, get donations, pool resources. We do all this because we are united, unlike some other party and Singaporeans who only know how to attack and smear other parties. I tell you the truth, we would rather vote for unknown parties like the National Solidarity Party than your bunch!

Ultimately, we have to look at the bigger picture at the national level where the PAP’s policies have obviously failed. In immigration, transportation, housing, education, manpower, all of us true blue Singaporeans except those blinded by greed and power, know that the policies ARE NOT WORKING. We are overcrowded, angry, pushed to the corner! Any more MRT breakdowns and you might just see full scale riots or stampedes like in Little India because our infrastructure just can’t handle the load!

It is time we the citizens, true blue Singaporeans, do something about it…..just ignore the smearing about AHPETC because it is not important how well opposition run town councils. Vote MORE opposition into Parliament for a more balanced Parliament.

M. Darveen
A.S.S. Contributor

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