Having spoken to many young or first time voters, I drew a personal conclusion that there will be 5 kinds of voters who will surprisingly and unknowingly turn the fate of Singapore to a dangerous state.

1) One who knows that opposition parties are not ready to take over the government yet still vote for them
2) One who wants opposition to be in parliament for the sake of having one and therefore vote for them
3) One who decides to vote the opposition party because they assume that “anyway PAP is going to win”
4) One who is easily sweetened by promises, blinded in reality and vote for the sales MP
5) One who is angry with the government yet doesn’t look at the bigger picture of certain policy and do not even know what the other parties can offer.

If you are one those 5 mentioned, you are endangering your own future and your children’s future. Look around you and ask

A) Who can represent me, my children and my future?
B) Which party is sensible, credible and honest
C) Will I see a future in this country governed by a new party?
D) Which party will be for you and with you even in times of crisis?
E) Who will you vote if you are that one deciding vote for your own future?

So I urge you to vote wisely and vote with your future in mind. Don’t be short term and naive, look at every candidate and see if this is the person you want to represent you. I am not asking you to vote for a particular party but to use not just your heart and also your brains to look beyond the promises and proposals made at party rallies. ‪#‎ge2015‬
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