Hi my fellow Singaporeans,

The G.E is coming and all your votes are important and thus, I have decided to express my deep felt opinions on how I suggest you all consider before voting for any party.

First and foremost, the PAP, our ruling party. I’m sure not all of us here agree with their policies ; like the influx of foreigners and so on. We all understand that their policies are not really the best in the world and neither are they the worst. But they are our government. We chose them. They have the utmost experience in the field compared to any other oppositions.

Though there are not all ministers in PAP are efficient and may beat around the bush sometimes. However , at the same time, there are ministers in PAP that are excellent and dedicated to serving the people genuinely . We do not have a perfect government but we chose them. They have experience in leading the country. If the people do not support the government, the government is nothing, the country cannot function as a result, nothing will be productive.

If the people pressure the government to make decisions and policies that benefit You and Me and if those policies will hurt the economy, if our economy drops or is in a crisis, don’t complain or blame the government. Like our late founding prime minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew once said that even however unpopular the policy may be , but if it benefits Singapore, he will do it. That’s a trademark of a true leader. A leader leads , not follows what his/her followers want. A leader knows what’s best for their followers in the long term. If you hate the influx of foreigners then please have more babies.

The reason why we import foreigners is because we do not have enough Singaporeans in the working line. Like construction work, will weSingaporeans be willing to do that hard , manual labour work for a meagre salary? NO. We don’t want to. Thus, we import. I know some sectors of work really have too many foreigners and that may be one of the policies that the government should really look into.

I’ll like to point out to my fellow Singaporeans that I sometimes also do feel that I’m in a foreign country sometimes but this is our home and we should make a it better place and we were all once descendants of immigrants. We need to stop being xenophobic and embrace others. Look at Singapore, the government is uncorrupted unlike other countries, they provide us with affordable education, the police force are disciplined and do not abuse their powers like those in the USA. We can walk home late at night and not get robbed or raped. This are all the efforts by the government. You see, nobody is perfect. Neither is the government. They cannot keep on making policies that we are all like. They are not as good as compared to the Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s era government but they are good and efficient . Look at us and Malaysia. That’s a statement right there.

Now, the opposition, there are some good opposition parties but very little. Workers’ party is a good party in my opinion. Some parties are only the opposition for the sake of being the opposition , like the joker squad in Ang mo kio . I mean look at them, do you really trust them to be your leaders? I wouldn’t. The oppositions are an extension of the Singaporeans’ voices, however, like I said , not all of them are good. Only one or two, sadly. We are a young country and we have much to learn still , there will be mistakes here and there but we learn from them. Even though there was a big hooha about the workers party, they would learn from them. Have they not be serving the people with diligence? Let’s us all Singaporeans stand united together and not let the G.E affect our unity. Before I end, think hard before you give your vote. Each vote matters.

Disclaimer: I am only an ordinary citizen and these are my opinions, if you do not agree with them it’s okay. We are all free to have our own opinions.

A Normal Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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