Hi Editors,

I would like to bring to everyone’s attention about how money transferring giant western union is being unfair and stupid in demanding certain documents when I asked for refund of the money which I sent.

Recently I sent money to India to a relative, as he needed the money for the operation costs of removing a tumour. I have sent money thru this way to needy relatives every now n then. I did not have an issue all the time. But this time I was sending a huge amount, considering the fact, it’s for the cost of removing a tumour.

Unfortunately, the agent did say that as it is a big amount, the receving person must have a bank account. I presumed my relative had a bank account. And proceeded to send the money. But my relative did not have an account, thus they refused to let him receive the money. That’s ok, it’s not the issue. As it was my mistake of not checking with my relative if he had an account. But wen I went to ask the money to be refunded. I was told to provide detail and an explanation letter as to why I want the money back?

WTF that is my money! Why the hell do I need to explain?? It’s so simple and they have it in their records that my relative does not have an account. And can’t receive the cash. Since he can’t receive , and I’m the sender. Y must I explain?? They asking for particulars of the recipient. It’s not that he is gonna take the money anyway . he can’t receive it and I’m asking my money back. They didn’t ask for the particulars of the recipient when I’m sending. Why ask when I want a refund. It’s me who is gona take back the money.

And had so much trouble speaking with the operator who kept saying the same thing without hearing my reasons. And at 1 time the operator had put down the phone wen I was talking to her. And said that she was listening. There is no way she was listening. Because wen I asked her what I was saying. She couldn’t repeat. Very unprofessional manner of handling customers. That will be the last time Im dealing with them.

And I urge all to do the same too. All these questions they asked is reasonable, but should have asked when I was sending. Not wen I’m asking for a refund. Weird service.

Syd Marc
A.S.S. Contributor

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