Dear Editors,

It is GE 2015…PAP Says With You, For You, For Singapore… Indeed… Since 1965… PAP has been With You for 50 long years… For 50 Long Years PAP has decided For You… because Singaporeans are mollycoddled they say For Singapore the Government is PAP, and PAP is the Government

After 50 years… Singapore is the Most Expensive City n the world… Singaporeans work the longest hours… with Gini coefficient signaling huge income inequality Singaporeans are rapidly ageing as a population group… and choose to push carton boxes for exercise Singaporeans make up only half of the population and the numbers are rapidly decreasing, Singaporeans are highly qualified, but are not as good as cheaper Manila Graduates

Singaporeans get the fastest news update… from news media that is ranked 153rd in press freedom Singaporeans save up through CPF but may not live through to see the savings disbursed

For that and more…However… this GE, EMPOWER YOUR FUTURE… as the vote is in your hands… Because SINGAPOREANS DESERVE BETTER… than to be treated as Incompetent Citizens

Vote in the Opposition to be YOUR VOICE IN PARLIAMENT

It is the only way to RESTORE THE NATION before Singaporeans fade further away It is up to us to choose a BRIGHTER TOMORROW, TODAY! Where leaders put SERVICE BEFORE SELF, FOR THE NATION, FOR THE PEOPLE At the centre of this service is a HEART FOR THE PEOPLE… Not Profits Through our votes, we are SECURING OUR FUTURE…

In Unity with WP, NSP, SDP, SingFirst, RP, SPP, SDA, SPP! VOTE FOR CHANGE!

The Other Loyal Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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