Dear Editors,

I have been working along this stretch of road by the name of Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace for many years and there has always been selfish neighbors parking their vehicles/ goods, etc, onto the road causing congestion and inconvenience for all road users.

On top of that this unit had their things piled up blocking the exit and causing the safety of the workers inside and even to the neighbors, should there be a fire all will have difficulty to escape.

I’ve wrote in into the necessary government bodies but it seems like they are not doing their job (see email date). These are emails and photos taken over the years and so from there you can see how is the work for the government bodies. They tai chi to different departments and then MIA.

I’m hoping by posting it onto the social media you guys can judge from this if they are doing their work or only getting highly paid every month and play tai chi.

Even if possible if you guys can suggest where to send these to so something could be done for the safety of the workers and road users. These are Health Hazard; Safety Hazard & Fire Hazard waiting to happen!

Fed Up Neighbour
A.S.S. Contributor

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