Just 30 minutes ago my doorbell rang, upon hearing it I was thinking to myself, this better not be some irritating salesman cuz I was enjoying my off day slacking on my bed. I dragged myself off my bed and out of my room to answer the door.

Through the peep hole I saw 3 Indian men standing in front of my house, I thought to myself “what the hell do they want!!”.

Still puzzled and with much suspicion I opened the door. I stared @ them and suddenly my eye zoomed into the middle guy’s hand (later introduced as “Muru Muru”), I saw a familiar item on his hand and think to myself “Why TF is he holding on to my IC and what is my wallet doing on his hand!!!”.

Speedily I unlocked my gate and walked out to them, Muru Muru said,” is this yours? Check the one thousand dollars note inside!!”. Still blur from my evening nap I immediately realized that they are angels sent from heaven to deliver my lost wallet that I haven’t even realized is gone @ that time.

I took over my IC and pulled out my 1000 dollars note kept inside my wallet and before I said anything, he said,” I am rich, I don’t need your thousand dollars”and laughed, and his two friends laughed along.

Upon saying that muru2 asked the second Indian guy “Radja” to take a picture of me and him, immediately after I said “thank you guys so much, omg, omg, omg, thank you”. I shook their hands and hugged them individually. I asked the last guy for his name but he refuse to say, he just kept wobbling his head. I insisted a group photo taken with my phone, right after that they just walked towards the lift.

As they were leaving I had so many goosebumps, as I was seeing them off, I had so many thoughts running in my mind, I wanted to offer them money but thought to myself I spent my very last 10 dollars note on lunch and all I have is a can of coins in my room, I was thinking all so vigorously what can I give back, should I offer my one thousand dollars note since they’re the one who found my wallet? If not how can I say thank you, how can I show gratitude?

They went into the lift and so they’re gone.

These thoughts, these feelings, this need to do something filled my 20 seconds walk into my room.

I grabbed a handful of coins and ran downstairs in hope to find them and probably treat them food or drinks or anything but they are gone.

Thank you Muru Muru, Radja and third Indian man. What u did is really beautiful. So graceful and untainted. I am very grateful to have you guys who found my wallet, to have you guys as neighbor, to share this space with people like you.

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