The Workers’ Party (WP) has unveiled its final batch of potential General Election candidates today at a press conference held at its party headquarters.

They are: Mr eon Perera, chief executive of Spire Research and Consulting, social worker Ms Frieda Chan, and Oxford Masters graduate Mr Bernard Chen, a project executive at Ang Chin Moh Foundation.

The WP will contest 28 seats this GE, but will only announce the constituencies that the candidates will contest in on Nomination Day tomorrow.

44 year-old Mr Leon Perera is the chief executive of Spire Research and Consulting and the former assistant head of the Economic Development Board’s Enterprise Development Division, and is also an adviser for The Independent news website. He graduated from Oxford University with double first-class honours. Mr Perera began volunteering with the WP 2 years ago before joining as a member a year and a half ago. He is married with 2 children.

“Only with strong opposition can people be involved in asking big questions for our country,” he said. “Ultimately, economic development should mean each citizen’s ability to realise his or her full potential in the way he or she wants to.”

39 year-old Ms Frieda Chan contested the 2011 General Election as a WP candidate in Moulmein-Kallang GRC. She is married and gave birth to a son 6 months ago.

Ms Chan said that she would speak up about the issues facing young parents and children. “(There are still) many barriers that discourage couples from starting a family. As a young mother, I feel the stresses,” she said.

She also called for more support for caregivers. “There are a lot of gaps in the system. I hope that through policymaking, I can be an effective and productive member.”

29 year-old Mr Bernard Chen is the youngest candidate for the WP team this GE. He joined the WP in 2006 and is a project executive at Ang Chin Moh Foundation. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and the University of Oxford, Mr Chen added that he comes from a humble background – his father was a coffee-shop runner and his mother a cleaner.

“I hope my participation in the WP will serve as an encouragement for Singaporeans to have a say in their future,” he said.

Mr Chen hopes to speak up for residents. “I believe residents’ small issues are our big issues,” he said, adding that his “ideal Singapore” is not just an advanced country and economy, but also a “warm-hearted home”.

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