Oh yea.

I love having to pay more and more.
Where the value of my $1 decreases faster than the rate of increase of my salary.

Where finding jobs of higher income after working so long is figured to be a crime. Cos why hire me when a foreigner with dubious degree can be hired for way less.

When I go to Changi business park, I felt I was instantly transported to a foreign country. Now I save on going holidays!

Of course I don’t need to buy cars in Singapore, where buying 1 car here, I can buy 3-5 in other developed nations. Of cos it’s a privilege. I’m sure there is no other better way that paying more and more for COE!

Oh. And taking the public transport is like gambling. Makes my heart race and palms sweaty. Will I make it home by today? Or will I need to take an adventure down the tracks as many before me? Such fun!

Also, I love the shrinking houses where I take all my adult life to pay off! Subsidised housing programme all the way! Now I can settle for S$1,000 a month as the wonderful PM has said, I can buy a 2-room flat, and have more kids. (Who are not just seen as gdp producing horses) All of us now share a room in the toilet. Much family bonding.

Oh what do I know? Cos having 89 uncontested yes-man-woman in parliament must definitely be beneficial for my children. Who will get bills shoved down their throats and lest anyone who opposes will be arrested, shamed and sued for $250,000.

But of course, above all, I look forward to collecting cardboards for exercise in my golden years! With all my money locked in my flat, limited cpf funds, retirement is gonna be a breeze!

What a fantabulous future!

An Angry Citizen
A.S.S. Contributor

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