In an informal interview conducted recently, Ms Sylvia Lim opened up to questions about her personal life, such as her much celebrated relationship with retired football icon Quah Kim Song and her wish to spend more time with her aging parents.

According to 50 year-old Ms Lim, she says that marriage with her boyfriend of 2 years, Mr Quah, is not on the cards yet.

“People do ask us often when we’re getting married. But we have discussed this and he’s already a grandfather and we’re enjoying our relationship as it is now, so we have no plans to get married at this point. We do not know if things will change but, at the moment, we’re quite happy with the way things are,” Ms Lim said.

She added that they have been meeting everyday even as the Workers’ Party kicks into high gear and her schedule has become increasingly busy.

“Kim Song is a very understanding person so he would try to get out of the way when I’ve got work to do,” she says.

Mr Quah has even offered to act as her driver during the impending election campaign, says Ms Lim. They would get to meet each other as he ferries her from rally sites and other places.

On the topic of children, Ms Lim noted that her chance for motherhood has passed and she would not consider procedures such as in vitro fertilisation.

“I suppose I have missed out on something very special – being a mother. But that was where my life took me so I just have to enjoy my life the way it is.”

She recalls a “hilarious” incident at an event she attended when a well-meaning supporter had broached the topic of children.

“Somebody came up to me and said ‘Zao sheng gui zi’ (may you have a son soon) and I looked at the person – ‘Do you know how old I am? What are you trying to tell me?’ ” she related the story with a laugh..

Ms Lim however did express her wish to spend more time with her aging parents – both of whom are in their late 70s – and her struggles with her father’s ill health due to strokes and dementia.

“He was always a great supporter of the WP when I joined it 14 years ago and he was so proud when I went on to be sworn in as a Non-Constituency MP in 2006,” she said, adding that both her parents attended the ceremony.

“But in between, before the 2011 General Election, he had two strokes so he was not able to come when I was elected.”

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