Many Opposition supporters were former PAP supporters during the 80s, the 90s and the early 2000s.

We once believed in the PAP. We once believed our cost of living will remain as affordable as always. We once believed our country is safe from con men and bullying foreigners. We once believed there is no homeless people in Singapore and elderly carting cardboards are a rare sight. We once believed our transport system is the most efficient without any breakdowns. And we once believed we locals will be given the first priority.

Then we woke up.

We looked outside the mainstream media and newspapers. We experienced and witnessed what’s going on around us. We opened our ears to the taxi drivers, the coffee shop owners and the lower to middle income families. We listened to them as they tell us how they struggled to meet the rising expenses and costs of living while their wages aren’t enough to afford them. We researched and found our ministers are earning million dollar salaries and many of us couldn’t receive our CPF even at the age of 55. We saw how overcrowded our train stations are due to the 6.9 million population policy. We traced foreigners working in the government sector with fake degrees. We saw how foreign talents are able to breeze through universities and be employed in the top sectors while we the locals have to struggle with unemployment and proper education

And that’s when we switched sides.

In the past, the Opposition were weak and do not have any power or support from the people. Now times have changed and we’ve grown so strong we won a single GRC. We had a lot support from the locals and we know what we want.

Because we ourselves are true. blue. Singaporeans. And we’re taking our power back.

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