I have collected my political donation certificate as well as my Indian Minority certificate from the Elections Department.

I refused to speak to CNA and generally mainstream media as they have twisted my words last week when I was submitting my applications.

I want to state that I will not cause a 3 – corner fight.

I wish to be serve as an insurance against walkovers in any case of opposition members withdraw from the contest due to various factors such as family pressure or pressure from employers with regards to opposing the PAP.

I hereby offer myself to any non – PAP party or who needs me to prevent walkovers and to give people a real credible choice, as we are approaching the eleventh hour before nomination day.

We don’t want another case of what happened in Tanjong Pagar GRC in GE 2011.

Your’s Truly,
Prabu Ramachandran

PS: Please do LIKE & SHARE so as to put word out to opposition parties, in the spirit of preventing any walkover from happening

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