Bought something from iherb last week, according to speedpost webby, it was stated that they have attempt delivery on 29/08 but was unsuccessful due to ‘cannot locate new address’.

So I wait until today (31/08) and gave their hotline a call in the morning, the pinoy sounds alike CSO actually told me that the delivery man couldnt make it on time so they cannot deliver my parcel. So I asked her when will speedpost deliver my item? I suppose they will send to me today? She told me she will send an expedite request to the courier side and asked me to keep a look out at the website for new status.

Until now, the status is still the same, no update no nothing so I called the hotline again, another filipino CSO picked up the call, she told me the same story again and saying that they couldnt deliver on 29/08 is bcoz they couldnt find my flat (sounds as if is my fault huh?). I told her off saying that this is impossible, its jus a normal HDB flat! And all i want to know – is when will Singpost deliver my parcel? She couldnt give ma any update and just said she will send an expedite request to the courier side and keep me posted.

My Qn:
– Singpost if you cannot deliver the item on time, FINE. at least did a proper status update rite? wat do u mean by cannot locate new address? wat new address u talking abt? and my address is just a simple HDB flat address. Not some address in Bt Brown or something. dont sound as if its my address fault

– Since my parcel is suppose to deliver to me on 29 (but u couldnt make it), y dun you clear your backlog and deliver the item to me tday? whats the point of keeping my parcel? wait for x’mas ah?

– your CSO is totally crap & useless, all they can said is send request bla bla bla and couldnt provide real support and help or even solution.

This is not the first time that I had bad experience with Singpost, likewise I have similar experience when I purchase from Amazon and send via singost when they reached Singapore. Typically slow and unreliable!

Singpost if you are reading this, pls wake up your idea la!

A.S.S. Reader

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