Dear Editors,

I’ve called up the town council to report drainage blockage on a Saturday where caused by a function held under block where they pour waste water including curry and rice into the drain. It took the TC that is ran by WP less than 6 hours to get it sort out. I’m not sure how fast they cleared up but when I’m back 6 hours later, it’s already cleared up and seems like some washing was done. Best of all, they called me up in the evening to follow up and verify if everything is good.

I saw many post that mention WP ran TC is not good.So far, everything was good Lift breakdown was quickly repaired. Normally within a day. Place is clean. Walked in to the TC and the people are friendly.

All these happen past few years. Not because GE around then they on the ball. This is my personal experience. Be it they spent more $, or what they do politically, as long as they are there to assist the residents like me, I’m good.

Whatever the white attack the blue, take a step back and think. Only those experienced will used what they know & done before to attack others and achieve the best results.

30 years ago there’s little ways to blow things up and everything are covered up. No one are there to uncover too.

Everyone have mistakes, it’s how one pick it up and walk down further without committing the same mistake.

As a successful leader, one should not be afraid to guide and share. Even with your competitors. Because you know you will always be better. Only those who hides and stab others are clearly one that bring things down.

A.S.S. Contributor

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