Dear admin,

Sending this information to you because I feel you’re able to do us some justice.

In recent weeks, everyone has been asking whether NSP is a sell out party or a mole. They call us No Solidarity Party, accused us of dividing opposition votes and diluting the opposition unity. Although hurtful, I can understand why people cast doubts on us.

Our party is not perfect. There are internal differences in views at times. Sometimes things do not work out as cleanly as we like. But to cast us as PAP moles or a useless party is unfair and cruel.

In NSP, we do things democratically. We talk things through with our members and reach a consensus, true democracy style. If anything, we are different from other parties that simply decide things based on one man’s word or using a party whip to keep members in check.

We will continue to work hard on the ground, even as we firm out our strategies with inputs from everyone. We will still be walking the ground. We are still fighting and giving our voters a viable choice, a choice to vote in a true democratic party.

Politics is messy and sometimes we don’t perform as well, but we will work on things and get stronger. Please give us a chance and we will prove to you why we will be a better party than the PAP.

Anonymous NSP Supporter
A.S.S. Contributor

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