The National Solidarity Party (NSP) has made public a shocking incident where 4 persons barged uninvited into the party’s offices at Katong, possibly in an attempt to steal information about election strategies and plans.

Read their full Facebook post here.

Last Monday night, 24 August, Party Leaders met at the offices of a Party member to discuss preparations for the upcoming General Elections. The offices are located in the Katong / East Coast Road area.

On Tuesday night, 25 August, at about 9:30 pm, 4 persons entered those offices without permission and started to take photographs and videos of the premises,including the meeting area where the Party Leaders had held their meeting the previous night.

Nothing was stolen or damaged in the meeting areas, ruling out burglary and vandalism.

An eyewitness who happened upon them, approached them and asked what they were doing. They claimed that they were from the mainstream media.

Obviously, this was trespassing in order to steal information regarding NSP’s strategy in the upcoming GE2015.

The 4 intruders were captured on CCTV and police reports have been made regarding the incident. The police are investigating the incident seriously. The NSP is also conducting its own investigations.

We shall keep the public and our supporters informed of the ongoing investigations into this incident.

29 August 2015
National Solidarity Party

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