Dear Editors,

Calling all East Coast Voters! This year we have a very important responsibility towards our fellow residents and all citizens of Singapore. Some may consider this responsibility a privilege while others may see it as a heavy burden. But no matter how you look at it, this year, we are given the opportunity to be part of this watershed elections where we can decide the fate of the PAP and the fate of all Singaporeans in our hands.

You may be wondering 'why us'? Why East Coast GRC? Because at the last elections, the WP put up a good fight in our constituency and they only lost to the PAP by a narrow margin. The East Coast ground is sweet for the WP, and they have also been doing good work in reaching out to the residents and building their presence in our area. If the WP is to win another GRC at this elections, I reckon the best chance for them would be in East Coast.

I was born in Bedok in 1980 after my parents moved into their 3 room HDB flat when they were relocated from Changi Rd 10th Mile. I have spent my entire life living in Bedok and seen its transformation from a undeveloped HDB town to the bustling Bedok Centre in 1980s and 1990s to what it is today. Yes, the PAP have done a fantastic job developing Bedok. Today houses in Bedok are keenly sought after and good food, amenities and good schools are just round the corner. 

Moreover the past 4 years, East Coast GRC has undergone many changes. Bedok Centre has now transformed into a bustling hub with a new bus interchange. The future Downtown MRT line will bring better connectivity. The revamped hawker centre and 2 new malls have added more buzz. There is also a new stretch along East Coast Park called Parkland Green where Singaporeans can bring their family and friends to relax, eat and enjoy the seabreeze

With all these physical changes, the next change that will happen in East Coast will be political and we can make that happen.

For those who are worried that there will be less amenities and facilities planned for the town if they vote in the opposition, do you really think these changes were instituted by the PAP town council? PAP MP Lee Yi Shyan was too quick to claim credit for these changes in Bedok because the credit should really go to the state bodies like LTA for the bus interchange and MRT line, NEA for the hawker centre, NParks for the new park and URA/commercial entities for the new malls. These are drastic changes that cannot be done at the municipal level, but at the state level. Therefore, having a new town council will have no bearing on the plans that have already been made for our area.

In fact, I would argue that it is precisely the opposition that is needed in the Parliament to keep the PAP on its toes. The opposition acts as an effective check and balance on the ruling party, making sure that the PAP does not bulldoze unfair legislation in the parliament. Over the past 4 years, we have seen how the PAP has been more responsive to citizens' needs. When WP candidates are voted in, suddenly, the PAP started to listen attentively to the voices of the real people instead of their own grassroots and party activists.

I voted for PAP in the last election, and in fact for all previous elections, but this time I am more inclined towards WP because I have recognised that an effective opposition is indispensable for a vibrant democracy. So to all East Coast voters, the time for political change is now. Let us keep calm and vote the WP to make a real change in our lives. Thank you

Ben Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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