Dear Editors,

After MND’s released its statement accusing WP’s former managing agent FMSS of grossly profiteering from AHPETC, sharp-eyed netizens have spotted an oddity in the Straits Times media reporting.

For the MND statement which was released at 5pm, the Straits Times was able to write their 12730 words report on the matter in just 17 minutes. Based on wikipedia, the fastest typing speed in the world is 216 words per minute, making it impossible for the ST reporter to have written the article in time.

Does this means that The Straits Times received the MND statement on FMSS accounts very much earlier? Is this a coordinated attempt to damage the reputation of AHPETC and Workers Party? Is this a breach of the law to release such confidential information to the media early?

Is this the normal behaviour expected of a Free Press? Should such behind the scenes dealings be allowed in our media industry?

Benny Tham
A.S.S. Contributor

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