Once again the GE is upon us again, at the last election the worker’s party (WP) had managed to wrestle Aljunied GRC from the PAP, and a further Punggol East SMC in a by election giving a thumping defeat to the the PAP’s candidate in Punggol East. The ground now is not sweet and is more sour than it was in 2011 due to unresolved issues.

As we look at the PAP’s candidate list for GE2015, it seems the PAP is not serious in its attempt to regain the trust of the people. For excample putting a former rejected member from the lost Aljunied PAP lineup in Sembawang GRC in attempt to get on into parliament via the coat tails of the MND minister.

A further insult is the doctor that got a thumping defeat in Punggol East Smc is now part of Ang Mo Kio GRC. It seems the “Son Of Punggol” is all just an election ploy and nothing more. There was never any sincerity to serve the residents of Punggol East SMC as the PAP had claimed

As a further joke played on the AMK people, the host of the now defunct “Pyramid Game” is also now vying to
be their representative. Let us also not forget about Mr Yang Yin.

It might seem to the masses the PAP has clearly lost its mind fielding such candidates, but actual fact it has not, but simply wish to get representatives that are “Yes Men” into parliament so that their policies remain unchallenged

One major issue of contention is the migration issue, where singaporeans are being systematically being replaced in their own country in the name of new citizen votes as well as to drive down wages so as to keep the singapore economy afloat. But by using such underhanded methods, will usually cause an economy to collapse (Google Population Ponzi)

Another issue is the transport issue, singapore’s transport system is not on its knees but instead on its back and slated to become much worse. To add futher insult there is talk that NSFs will be used for crowd control incase of breakdowns. Is this what you parents want your young boys to serve miltary service for? To be used as slave labour for a private corporation. A national military is used to protect the nation’s security, they are not the PAP’s or any of the GLC’s private security force.

One more is medishield life, in which there is a very high deductible for the insurance policy. One major contention is the wanting to jail the people who do not pay medishield life which goes against any concept
of free will. Let us not forget about the high cost of housing, high cost of medical. As there are too many issues with the PAP, we can go on for days talking about it.

Singaporeans must now decide is this the future they want for their children and themselves. A future where foreigners dominate the workforce, an unstable career, universities filled with foreigners, high cost of housing, expensive healthcare and etc. This is the last chance for us to deny the PAP its majority in paliament before the new citizens take over and out numbers the locally born singaporeans. In GE2015 we have to take our nation from the PAP.

Below is an FAQ for people intending to vote opposition or undecided yet on what the issues are

Q: Why should i vote opposition?
A: By voting opposition like WP and the likes you are guranteeing your future against a regime
that imports discrimanetly even those with Southern Pacific University Credentials

Q: I am a civil servant, i am scared to vote for the opposition as it will affect my career
A: Your vote is secret, no one knows who you voted for. Never vote out of fear vote for a future
without fear and the best candidate that will take care of your interests

Q: But voting slips have serial numbers, i am scared the PAP will know i voted against them
A: The serial numbers on voting slips is to prevent fraud and nothing else. Your vote is secret and
guaranteed by the constitution of singapore

Q: I stay in Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC and Desmond Lim is running, i have no confidence in him
A: You must give Mr Lim from SDA a chance, he helped MR Chiam run potong pasir town council for 26 yrs
by giving this chance let him prove himself, if you do not give him a chance you will not know. Mr Lim’s plan
for Pasir Ris Punggol GRC and solid and well thought out unlike the PAP’s

Q: How can i trust the opposition when the WP cannot even run its town council properly?
A: The issue with AHPETC is that Govt grants were withheld from them to for AHPETC into insolvency, it
was a way to fix the worker’s party by using MND. All town councils receive grants, if grants were withheld
from PAP wards, all of them would be bankrupt by now. The fact that WP is able to function without grants
shows that the town council is able to standalone without help. Search google for “Govt Grants worker’s party, toc” for more information

Q: Then why has the WP taken so long to submit its accounts?
A: Reason for this when the WP won Aljunied in 2011, the Aljunied town council removed the accounting software,
in a bid to create chaos and attempt to make the WP look bad, so to start all the way from zero takes time.
PAP practices scortched earth policy in regards to the wards it manages

Q: Why did AHPETC then award the contracts to a company that was formed 2 days previously the tender issued?
A: The reason for this is the PAP’s scortched earth policy, where the contractors are afraid to bid for WP
tenders for fear of retaliation by the PAP on them using the state machinery.

Q: This means that the AHPETC has not done anything illegal?
A: No they have not under the law, else the police or cpib would have stepped in by now.

Q: I stay in Potong Pasir, its a 3 way fight, who to vote for and not dilute opposition votes.
A: When voting vote in the following order to avoid dilution – WP, SDP, SPP, DPP, SFP, SDA, RP, PPP, NSP, Independents. If its a straight fight between the PAP and Opposition, do vote for the opposition for a better future.

Q: I intend to spoil my vote because both the PAP and Opposition are jokers
A: Never spoil your vote, give the opposition a chance to perform, if they are not given a chance, you will
only be short changing yourself and future generations.

Q: If i vote opposition will my property price collapse?
A: The answer is no. Singapore’s property price is due to lack of land and unsustainable policies by the PAP.
If the opposition wins singapore’s land mass will not increase hence the supply will remain the same.

Q: Will the stock market collapse if the PAP loses?
A: No, the prices of shares are priced according to the services they deploy and their earnings in the companies,
these have nothing to do with the PAP but to do with individual companies respectively

Q: Will the SGD collapse if the opposition wins?
A: No, the SGD is backed by USD Treasury Notes, MAS is independent of the PAP and do not take orders
from the PAP or anyone else.

Q: Will the Opposition raid the Reserve if they win?
A: No, they are singaporeans like us, they want a better future not a worse one. Many of them in the opposition
are trained in finance and economics

Q: The PAP says if i vote for them i get upgrading
A: Using upgrading as an election tool is childish and narrow minded, we now have a problem where
state funds to be used for the nation is now being used as “carrots” for votes

Q: Will my area become a slum if i vote for opposition?
A: No it will not, Aljunied, Punggol east and the likes have not become slums but looks cleaner
and managed better than it was under the PAP

Q: Will things really change if i vote of oppositions?
A: Yes they will put pressure on the PAP to perform in the interests of singaporeans instead of themselves.

Q: Will my opposition be able to handle my town council issues?
A: Your elected MP is supposed to take care your interests in your country (your job, housing, schools for your children) and not clear your drains for you, they have a higher purpose, please understand this

Q: Will the amount of foreigners really be reduced if the opposition win?
A: Yes they will as the oppositions will put singaporeans first making life hard for foreigners in singapore,
effectively returning the nation back to its rightful owners (singaporeans)

Q: Will MNCs leave singapore in droves if the PAP loses?
A: No they will not. The MNCs are in singapore for 1 reason and that is low taxes, they have no where else
to go to with a similar infrastruture, stability and low taxes. Its a scare tactic that MNCs use often but
they know what waiting on the other side.

Q: Tan Jee Say of SFP says he wants to relocate manufacturing, will this cause massive job losses?
A: No it will not, as our economy matures, the singapore must move into higher end industries. Competing with
china on cost is not viable in the long run.

Q: Kenneth Jeyaratenam of RP says they will provide welfare for singaporeans, where will the oney come from?
A: Money for this will come from fixed income interests on our reserves which amount to $200B. At 3% interest
its $6B, more than the $3B needed. Mr kenneth used to be a fund manager and is more than capable and has the credentials to handle such transactions.

Q: PAP says there is no need for opposition members as there are NCMPs already.
A: NCMPs are “fake opposition” without any voting rights, vote for the real stuff

Q: PAP says we need these foreigners as they do jobs singaporeans do not want
A: Please look around you, the foreigners have taken up the good jobs like in banking and etc. Their
main purpose is to drive down wages and be a vote bank for the PAP. They are infact taking up the jobs
that singaporeans want

Q: The what type of jobs local singaporeans do not want?
A: Construction/Maids and anything that pays below a living wage.

Q: PAP says you can buy a HDB flat for S$1000 salary, is this true?
A: No is not, you will become malnourised and live in a house without electricity and water, its a state
propaganda to fool most singaporeans, do not fall for it.

Q: PAP says minimum wage wll destroy singapore’s labour industry, is this true?
A: No it is not. minimum wage is prevent wage exploitation by interest groups related to the PAP. By
voting opposition you will not be exploited by using you wages

End Of FAQ

Whoever you decide to vote for remember you are voting for the future not the past. The current PAP is a shadow of its former self, with candidates from game shows as candidates, let a new era begin and relegate PAP into the opposition where it belongs

Before you vote ask yourself important questions, is clearing your drains more important or your job security more important? Ask yourself do you want to work in a place full of foreigners or your own countrymen?

Look into your children’s eyes and see the future that you will leave them. Leave them a home that the original founding fathers of singapore wanted, a place for singaporeans without favour or prejudice against the locals by foreigners.

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