Recently, I came across this photo on my FB. Indeed, these four words clearly defined the PAP members of today. Let me explain :

There is simply no debate here. We want to compare apple to apple. How many of the Workers Party’s MPs have quit their job to fully focus on the task in hand? The PAP treats the MP job as a final jewel on their gem-studded crown. They want the prestige associated with it but they can’t be bothered with the heavy lifting that comes with it. What the opposition party’s MP has clearly shown is 100% time and commitment!! There is no better way to show this than to resign from your current job!!

Three names – Ong Ye Kung, Desmond Choo and Dr Koh Poh Koon. All losers in SMC fights with the opposition parties, all parachuted into GRCs now to ensure that they will be speaking in the next parliamentary session. I will always remember how Mah Bow Tan lost to Chiam See Tong in a SMC fight, and brought into the Parliament after hiding him in a GRC. Look at the mess that he has left behind in the HDB!! I rest my case.

Look at the salary they are demanding taxpayers to pay as ministers’ wages!! To me, this is not a salary but a RANSOM!! Not only that, take the case of Lee Bee Wah. Her company tendered for building contracts in her own constituency!! To me, this is just like 1MDB!! The only difference here is the perpetrator is more patient than Najib and will allow the money to be transferred to a few more accounts before it finally ends up in hers!!

The PAP MPs wear several hats. Yeo Guat Kwang alone has 64 jobs!! This is the reason why for majority of us don’t get to see our MP until the election is around the corner. Don’t say that these MPs have no time for the people who voted them in the first place, these clowns don’t even have the time to attend the Parliamentary sessions!! Just look at the bottom 10% attendance rate of MPs (previously published, now removed from the public eye), they all belong to the PAP!! That’s why I am dead against doctors joining the Parliament, because they are supposed to save lives!! Where will they find the time to debate in the Parliament?

Why am I so dead against PAP?? I think the recently circulated video clip depicting Jack Neo as the PAP MP says it best. Because of the invention of GRC, there were rampant walkovers all over Singapore. I alone only got to vote at the age of 39!! The GRC is the biggest con PAP has ever successfully pulled!! On the pretense to protect minority interests, GRC was born. Its real motive was to protect and to consolidate PAP’s political power!! Farhat Hussain, a Malay wrote it best, “ So whats the big deal PAP getting more Malay MPs? You ever heard them fight any Malay/Muslim issue?” I am a strong advocate for a national referendum to be held to whether the GRC system should be abolished or not!!

Not only that, the gerrymandering is absolutely ridiculous!! Look at the Nex shopping complex. It sits in Serangoon, yet it is in East Coast GRC!! That’s why the actors in the clip even suggested to Jack Neo that they should change the electoral boundary for Potong Pasir to lump it with Woodlands to form a NEW GRC!! You think it is not possible? For the PAP, anything is possible for the sake of winning!!

In the 1970s a 4-room HDB cost less than 4 year’s salary of a Polytechnic graduate. A diploma holder could easily raise a family of 4 with a single income. There was greater retirement security with a 6.5% CPF interest rate. This was the legacy left behind by the PAP old guards!!

Fast forward to 2010s, a 4-room cost OVER 8 year’s salary of a University graduate. It would take the dual income of 2 degree holders to raise a family of four. With CPF interest rates between 2.5 to 4% and escalation living costs, there is NO retirement security!! This is what our million-dollar PAP ministers have done for us!!

The Economist reported in July that more than half of the people living in Singapore were not born there!! This is not shocking to you?! Why does the government continue to allow so many foreigners to displace us?! Perhaps there is some truth in what SingFirst SG Mr Tan Jee Say said – that the government despises us!!

With the population explosion here, how has these million-dollar ministers been planning for it? From 2006 to 2013, the number of hospital beds increased by 508. Yet, in that same period of time, Singapore’s population increased by 1,200,000. If this is the type of planning they made, are you certain that they can plan for 6.9 million people?!

Not only has the planning for infrastructure been extremely poor, there is absolutely ZERO accountability in almost everything PAP does. Look at the recent spelling error on our commemorative packages!! This is clearly UNACCEPTABLE!! Yet, whose head rolled?!?! Well, certainly not the head of the Monetary Authority of Singapore!!

Last but not least, PAP no longer has the ability to differentiate good and evil or tell right from wrong!! There are so many photos of the infamous Yang Yin taken with various PAP MPs. There is even one taken with our Prime Minister LHL!! Not only that, IDA continues to employ Nisha whose “fake” degree likely got her the job in the first place!! She should be fired and jailed!! If election was not around the corner, MOM’s position on “fake” degree would not have u-turned so dramatically!!

Goh Chok Tong ever said, “Retrenchment is good for Singapore. If there is no retrenchment, then I worry”. So, let’s follow GCT’s advice and go ahead to retrench a few PAP MPs, for the good of Singapore!! Remember, what that does not kill you will only make you stronger. If the PAP loses a few more seats, they may finally do a soul-searching exercise and in the next round bring in candidates who are truly committed to serving the voters!!

Prof MC

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