Dear Editors,

I was retrenched from my last job in October 2014. From then till now I have applied over 1000 jobs, both in public and private, but only saw rejection. I have been unemployed for 8 months.

In December 2014, I approached Ministry of Manpower for assistance also, but I was referred to Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). Again I was advised on resume writing and to attend courses. WDA in returned referred me to CDC Woodlands.

In December 2014, I went to CDC Woodlands which is now known as MSF Woodlands. All I got was reassuring words from the career coach and up till now, I have neither response nor assistance from him. He also does not follow up with me.

In January 2015, I sought help from my MP. He appealed on my behalf a few times to various public sectors but I again received rejections only.

In April 2015, I sought help from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. I was referred to Public Service Division since it is the central agency for the Singapore Public Service. They empathised with me about my job hunt in the Public Service which had not been successful. They assured me that recruitment into the Public Service is based on individual merit through fair and open competition. From there, I was referred to Caliber link.

In the same month, April 2015, I met up with a career coach who advised on the restructuring of my resume and only to apply 40 jobs a month. He advised me that 40 applications will ensure me 4 interviews in the following month.The irony is that, it has been 3 months and I don’t get any interview. I also showed him 4 versions of resumes.

I have a Masters Degree in Management, Bachelors Degree in English, Diploma in English and a Diploma in Business Administration. I also have other certificates relevant to career advancement and various testimonials showing my capability. I have 17 years working experience.

My dream job was to be a Vice Principal (Administration) with MOE. However, I have always been rejected time and again even despite my MP’s assistance. I surpass the irrequirements by leaps and bounds. I have 12 years experience in senior management and administration and I have been working in the education sector for 8 years.

I would also like to stress that, I have applied almost 400 jobs in the PSD from last year Sept 2014 till now. I applied for the jobs at [email protected] prior to my qualification and experience. After being coached by the Principal Manager at Caliberlink, I have been carefully applying for jobs. However, I am not even being considered for one. I only receive rejection. Why am I always being rejected? An interview will decide my quality and capability for the applied position. Recently I met up with the Caliberlink career coach only to advise to wait longer and apply in the private sector. In our first meeting, the advice given was different which I have mentioned at the beginning.

I am a 34 year old, single and with 2 aging parents. I am servicing my parents flat as they cannot use their Cpf. My dad is 61 and still working. He is the only working one earning $1000++. But how long can I service the mortgage if I myself don’t have a single contribution. I have monthly fixed expenditures but I am just running away from them as I can’t keep up to the time requested for it. Singapore is making me a debtor. Banks and institutions are chasing me for payments. I am being pushed to my extreme end.

Last week, I was refered to E2i. To my dismay, I was being asked to attend a 1-1 course and was told to take out the highest qualification from my cv.

My education qualifications are from legit foreign and local universities. I am just being pushed around by everyone. Where am I to seek help? I am a born and bred Singaporean with my roots from Singapore. I studied in our local schools and served my nation as an Army Regular.

I want to serve the people, and focus on wanting the best for Singapore and its citizens. PSD allows me to strengthen my leadership abilities, behaviours and values at all levels. PSD grows, groom and appoint leaders and build a strong and united leadership community. I want to be engaged to the greater purpose of their work, high in commitment and prepared to go the extra mile. I want to lead the way in what a good government is about, how public organisations ought to run, and how they should act to meet citizens’ needs. I want to safeguard and uphold the reputation of the Public Service.

I believed that I will get a job in the PSD sooner or later but I have been only rejected in every single job applied in PSD. I can name every single job I applied and show you my qualifications. I fit to the requirement, but why is it that I am always being rejected? Where am I supposed to go and seek fairness? Is there any particular reason of not being selected? I have been to MSF, WDA, CaliberLink, and E2i. No agency is able to help neither me nor follow up with me. This is a plight of a Singaporean standing seeing no future.

Hate FT
A.S.S. Contributor

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