The Workers’ Party (WP) has introduced more of its potential candidates today for the upcoming General Elections (GE).

The new candidates introduced at the conference were Ms He Ting Ru, Mr Ron Tan, Mr Adrian Sim and Mr L Somasundaram. WP Party chairman Sylvia Lim and Mr Png Eng Huat were present to lend their support to the new candidates.

32 year-old Ms He Ting Ru – A corporate lawyer who joined the WP in 2013 and is now secretary of the party’s youth wing.

According to Ms He, if elected she would focus on young people as well as healthcare expenses and the rising cost of living.

“I do not think we should rely solely on a few aristocrats (to run the country),” she said. “All Singaporeans have something to offer, we should find ways to contribute.”

52 year-old Mr L Somasundaram – Polytechnic lecturer. Mr Somasundaram ran in Moulmein-Kallang GRC in the 2011 General Election under the WP banner.

According to Mr Somasundaram, he intends to speak up on a variety of issues if elected, but he feels especially for immigration issues affecting PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians).

“The same issues were brought up in GE 2011, but not much progress has been made in these areas,” he said.

43 year-old Mr Adrian Sim – A businessman.

“When I was a volunteer in 2013, I saw WP MPs helping residents to solve issues. They face more barriers than other MPs but they don’t give up,” he said, adding that he hopes to be a role model to his two children.

30 year-old Mr Ron Tan – A property agent. He says that it is important to get involved and be the voice for younger Singaporeans. Mr Tan is currently a central executive committee member of the WP youth wing.

“No child should be disadvantaged by his background. By coming forward and as a candidate, I hope to do more for Singapore and our future generation.”

WP has introduced eight potential candidates so far: They are Daniel Goh, Mr Redzwan Hafidz Abdul Razak, Mr Koh Choong Yong, Mr Dylan Ng, Mr Luke Koh, Ms Cheryl Loh, Mr Firuz Khan and Mr Terence Tan.

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