The Singaporeans First party has announced its first five candidates for the upcoming GE2015 and announced its party slogan to “Restore our nation”.

SingFirst will be helmed by Secretary-General Tan Jee Say and represented by CEC member Fahmi Rais, Mr Melvin Chew Weng Hoe, Mr Chirag Desai and Mr Wong Chee Wai Gregory. SingFirst held short of announcing where these candidates would contest in and this information would only be confirmed on Nomination Day.

It is expected that SingFirst will field 10 candidates in the Tanjong Pagar and Jurong GRC.

During the press conference, Mr Tan Jee Say said Singaporeans need to “take back our country from the Government that has given the country away to foreigners…all the pies, all the sweet pies have been taken by foreigners, foreign-born workers. And the Prime Minister says he doesn’t care about the Gini coefficient as long as he can get 10 billionaires to stay in Singapore.”

The influx of foreigners and public transport issues are expected to be the hot button issues during this GE.

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